Who Speaks for the ‘Hood?: How Black Leaders Failed Us

Willliam Jamal Richardson:

Thought provoking piece that can be related to our previous post concerning spreading the message of Fight the Power. Check it out!

Originally posted on AllHipHop:

(“Black Power Fist” image courtesy of Osiris Black)

“Follow the leader is the title, theme, task/ Now ya know, you don’t have to ask.” - “Follow the Leader”, Eric B and Rakim

An election was held in Harlem yesterday to elect a new national Black leader. For months, top contenders, Rev. Jesse Sharpton and Dr. Cornel Smiley, had been trying to out shine each other in an attempt to grab the coveted title. However, when the final vote was cast, the late rapper “The Vanglorious Makaveli Smalls” won a decisive write-in victory. Sharpton and Smiley took the first flight out of town, ashamed that the biggest civil rights leaders in the world had been beaten by a rapper from the ‘hood who was murdered 15 years ago.

For the last few years, there has been an uncivil war going on in the Black community between Rev. Al Sharpton, reppin’ the…

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One Response to Who Speaks for the ‘Hood?: How Black Leaders Failed Us

  1. Jason says:

    I have a couple of disputes with this article.a) I feel like part of the problem is this idea of one persons way was the right way. Or more friendly to the raicist power sturcture. In the end every black leader genuinely worked for the upliftment of their people. b) He attacks the black intellectuals when in truth even the people he support are intellectuals themselves(see his hip hop argument John henrik clark was an intellectual and black scholar). c) This idea of having a black leader that the mainstream like’s is insignificant (especially in his martin vs malcolm argument in the end they were both on cointelpros hit list and in the end they were both murdered for their actions) one way though maybe universally accepted by most people the (martins non violent approach). Still made in impression about how this humane society is actually treating people inhumanely. Malcolm on the other hand was talking about self defense, as well as self reliance from a grass root point.ther is no specific right or wrong, and we shouldnt take sides but see which idea fits are own personal belifs more to see were you can apply the different knowledges. Which both views are needed. D)Today Booker t washing ton would conisdered and anti conformists and vice versa foe w.e.b. dubois. Back then the very opposite, first of what booker philosopjy was , that being a carpenter, farmer, or a vocational worker of sorts (which were considered submissive jobs back then) . Were all skills that we need anyway, especially if society were to fall apart. Bein and intellectual however is considered something blacks could not have acheive and dubois was saying that the intellectual path would allow you to see their is more to life then just being a farming, and carpenter. E)The hood is not the only place were black people live. black people who live in the suburbs, or in upper middle class neighborhoods still have to deal with the issue of being black. As well as their being upper middle class blacks who so live in the hood. the idea of what relevant to those in the hood leaves those in other parts of excistance in american culture. F)The old generation is not selfishly holding on to the torch without a fight. The real issue is Older folks forgot what was itlike to be young, and also forget that most of these leaders grewy up in the 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s. Oppose to the group who grew up in the 70’s 80’s 90’s and even now. The younger group should recognize the work that was done before them to understand why what hose before them are, and what was done is important. As well as know what issues today that we need to be involed (Katrina, occupy [evenyhough with some of us here there some disagreement therelol], block clubs, etc). Also there needs to be a diaologue between the generations on how we can come to some kind of consensus because the older generation needs us, and we need our elders. sorry for the spellling errors but this is my own oppinion.

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